Covington LA Car Accident Lawyer – Get One!

If you sustained an injury in a car accident that was not your fault, get an experienced car accident lawyer. You need an attorney familiar with auto accident law and personal injury.
Sometimes car accidents happen because drivers are distracted by other passengers, their mobile devices or the car radio. Recently many car accidents resulting in injury have been caused by drivers who are texting.

An injury from an auto accident can happen because of defects in the parts or design of the automobile. Defective parts such as brakes and tires can fail causing the driver to sustain personal injury or cause an injury to someone else. Roadway hazards cause auto accidents resulting in injuries daily. Whatever the reason, a car crash can inflict life-altering injuries. An experienced car accident lawyer knows the law and has the tools to determine the cause of an accident and the responsible parties.

Car accidents are the foremost cause of major spinal cord injuries and TBI, (traumatic brain injury). Either of these conditions can cause permanently debilitating mental and physical impairments. Anyone that has recently suffered a spinal cord or brain injury resulting in any loss of function, may be just discovering how much that car accident injury will impact the rest of your life. An experienced car accident lawyer can estimate what your future special expenses may be.

A debilitating injury from a car accident has an immediate financial and emotional impact on an accident victim’s entire family. Retain a personal injury law firm with an experienced car accident lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases. The personal injury lawyers can provide you with the expertise and procedural information necessary to protect yourself and your financial future following an accident.

Important: Do not accept any offers from the insurance company (no matter how good it seems), or sign anything the adjuster gives you, without consulting an accident attorney.

If an auto accident has deprived you of income, quality family time, or your good health, call us. Our attorneys can handle your personal injury claim for you while you focus on getting well.